A Brief Bio

Associated with the Parker Art Salon (Spring) and Eastside Culture Crawl (Fall)

  • 1000 Parker Street studios resident: since 2005
  • Raised: southern New Brunswick
  • Vancouver school district teacher: since 1990
  • PhD: U.B.C.
  • Major influences: East Asian calligraphy; natural patterns & textures
  • Techniques: Line, gesture, impasto, erasure
  • Implements: Palette knives, brushes, charcoal, spray bottle, rollers and sponges
  • Motifs: textiles, architecture, natural objects, etc., etc.

My Practice

“Great art picks up where nature ends.” — Marc Chagall

Chagall’s quote – like his vibrant palettes – captures my artistic spirit. Repetition and contrast in our world inspires me. My works incorporate vibrant colour combinations, indeterminate lines and more often than not, movement. I mix abstract and realist images that loosely fall among Abstract Expressionism, Color Field, and Hard Edge techniques. How I create texture can be physically demanding, as is the erasure of paint that exposes under layers. This process is part archaeology and part alchemy. I enjoy finding direction for a new series by feeling out what the surface reveals. Colour, water and surface collide in unpredictable ways. Discovery also comes from courage to change and confidence to be my own artist. I’m very appreciative of art lovers who share my sensibility, but enjoy discussing ideas with most anyone. The concept of the “image”  is taking on more and more dimensions. In this void, original paintings matter more than ever. This and the desire to create a valid body of work with universal appeal energize my practice.

The current series, “Red Tides,” is inspired by my upbringing in the Maritimes, where I frequently return for mussels, dulse and a cold Moosehead.

Please contact me for a studio visit.